Tools Y Backle ACR-11

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Strong steel and ABS plastic.

A really great skateboard tool that has just about everything you could possibly need to keep your board rolling.

This tool will fit axle nuts, kingpin nuts, and truck mounting bolts, plus it has a self-aligning "axle threader."

That item alone is worth the price of the tool. If you've ever suffered from "battered" axles and the pain of changing wheels/bearings with broken threads, then you know why! Chewed axle threads will no longer mean hours of careful filing to fix, a missed skate session, or worst case scenario, a new pair of trucks plus a missed session!

For skaters, it will fit axle nuts* and kingpin nuts.

*Standard 8mm size (not 7mm)

Separate allen/phillips tool fits into plastic handle on main tool body when not in use. This keeps it nice and compact and therefore less likely to hurt you if you were to grab it - pocket tool pain!

I wouldn't want to skate with this in my pocket, but it's essential to have one tucked away in the car or skate pack.

6 in one:
socket 1/2"
socket 9/16" sockets
Shaft threader/rethreader
1/8" allen
key Phillips head screwdriver